Redesigning the control centre while losing control
What happens when Hyper Island students are told to go viral.
Being Hyper Island students means a great lot of things. We are asked to challenge briefs, be innovative and create beautiful things. Oh yeah, and always ask for feedback.
Well, we took it to a new level. We challenged Apple, without asking for feedback.
Redesigning the control centre of the iPhone and making it a somewhat nicer user experience, based on our own needs and preferences means we scrapped the static old ways of the holy control centre, and added a dynamic audio player carousel. We are actually letting the user switch between audio apps without having to open, close and other annoying steps. We added features for battery save and made the volume bar take up less space (who doesn't use the buttons anyways?). Removing airplay and airdrop also made sense because also who even uses these?
Basically making it easier to use your iphone on the go without having to unlock it, sounds great huh? And that’s why this is the new control centre coming up in the new iOS update (or not. Call us Apple, we need internships and cash).
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