As of October 2019 I am working as a Graphic Designer at Instabox in Stockholm. Instabox is a fast growing delivery service and we deliver packages to  hundreds of smart boxes where the user can pick it up without a hassle, seven days a week. At Instabox I work with the creative team to build our brand. This includes everything big and small, digital and print. From websites and icons to delivery trucks and our physical store locations.
Instabox icons
At Instabox one of my jobs is to create icons for the company that helps communicate our values while being easy to understand for the end user. A lot of the icons created therefore use the little package guy and animation to bring some fun and personality into an otherwise stale service. 
These icons are being used in a variety of ways, from apps and websites to job listings. Each icon has been created by me using Adobe Illustrator while getting feedback from the team.
Store material
As we grow new locations and solutions have been developed, like our dedicated Instabox Store, a concept that enables the customer to use our boxes 24/7. This also means that we have a whole store locations to use and make pretty! For these stores we have collaborated in the Creative-team to make all kinds of decals, fun instructions and instagram-worthy spaces.
Photo retouch
Another fun project was the opportunity to use my Photoshop skills to create images for the company to use to visualise our cars and trucks. I started by finding stock images of vehicles that we use, I then proceeded to change the colors, add our branding and make any other minor adjustments that were needed. During this process I had continous check-ins with my Creative team for feedback and nice chats.
Posters and internal communication
At Instabox I have also gotten to use my illustration skills to create posters for our offices. Some of the posters communicate importand information for my co-workers and some are just there to make it look a bit nicer in the warehouses and offices.
The illustrations have been created using an iPad and Procreate. I first create a few different sketches consisting of rough lines and coloring to show the team my ideas and get feedback. Then I create the line work while having frequent check-ins for feedback and additional ideas. Its a very iterative process with feedback, ideas and adjusting things.
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