A campaign for the launch of TV4 's new program Mandelmanns Gård, a self providing household in southern Sweden, done during my time at Perfect Fools. Tv4 wanted help promoting their new show and digital ads for the subway, banners, instagram assets and direct mail to journalists was created. Based on a copy solution to appeal to the thought of selling the apartment and just leave to start a simpler life. The concept and initial sketches were created by the Art Director, and I came in and helped execute the deliverables. 
The first episode got over 900.000 views, well over the goal and was the show with most viewers at 21.00. 
Update a few years later, and the show is still going strong as one of the most popular feel-good shows on Swedish television, with Christmas specials added to the series. 
We created direct ads to journalists that gave them a rough estimation of what their current living situation could be worth if they sold and what they could get for that money. For example this went out to DN journalist Johan Croneman, with the message that a 80 sqm apartment in central Stockholm could equal a c a 150 sqm farm, a whole forest, a field, twenty sheep, twenty pigs and a dozen of hens.
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